Experimenting with materials to create unusual textures on a smooth canvas fascinates me.  Whether it's a fern hiding under a layer of soft gel, long strands of yarn swimming in liquid gold, or a maple seed pod turned into a fantasy flying creature, there is something exciting about using ordinary materials in unusual ways.

My paintings are studies in texture and movement that invite you to look beneath and through the layers.  I use three inch deep canvases to enhance the sculptural feeling and create the illusion that the designs flow from the wall.  My intent is to create abstract paintings that radiate a peaceful, healing energy while stimulating the imagination.

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I love this new direction! how evocative the shapes, the textures, the mood created in this piece. I want it!
-- Mary Saunders, 4/25/12

Helen's Originals showcases abstract acrylic mixed media, printmaking with monotypes, dry point and gyotaku, figurative collage, and informative blog entries. 

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