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Where did this come from?? It's way over the top of my color comfort zone, but I love it!!! It was done on a 30" by 15" by 3" canvas that has been sitting around in the attic, garage, shower?? for months now...I started it a year or two ago and didn't like the it sat.  Then I gessoed over the yuck and put it on the easel in my new studio.  I've been looking at it for several weeks and finally a solution presented itself!!  I added more texture...and took the enthusiasm for color I saw in Chuly's paintings at the Everett Performing Arts Center  and ..went out of my comfort zone and just laid that bright color down!!! Dripped gold all over and sprayed magenta and sea green with a toothbrush.  It is unlike anyhting I have done to date except for the yarns, beads, glass pieces, buttons etc. in the molding paste flows.


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prolific exploration Helen ... WOW! Chihuly's inspiration piece, your 'Awakening' has great texture. The textures have become one with your brand! Intriguing work.
-- Antonia, 6/9/13

OOOOOO-la-la! Rich and inviting to my eye! Love it Helen.
-- Beth Dickson, 11/30/10

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