I am stoked..exuberant really...over the addition of number 121 to my painting inventory.  Guess I am also excited that I have actually kept a list...somewhat unlike me.  Thank you Alison, my Artbiz coach.  It is hard to believe that I have created this many paintings...incredible. I'm really sticking with this being an artist gig.

Now, do I have to be actually making art to be an artist? There are those that would say no......but really???    is just thinking about making a painting the same as doing it?  I think not even though I can see how it might be fun and so much easier to clean up the mess.....no worries about sales, galleries, critics.

It will be interesting to see the changes in my work when I'm writing about number 221 and 476.....it gives me a headache to think I will have to come up with that many more names....I love naming my paintings but it isn't always easy.


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