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Spirit Sisters Triptych
YES! I can get three large canvases done in time to meet the deadline of July fact, I'm ahead of schedule.  I did it!! They're done!!! Introducing the Spirit Sisters from right to left..Truth, Justice, and Wisdom.  This is the first time that shapes have been incorporated into the flows..they have female spirits emerging.... abstract and small but still there and golden!! The glass pieces were fused for me by Dolors Ruscha..if you haven't seen her site you need to check it out!! I put it together for her....and it's awesome.  Hard to miss with her photos of her work!! 

Now to wait and see if the panel thinks they fit in the court house.  It's a good question. I love them and have decided that although I would really love to sell them, I would also be happy to have them around to look at for awhile. 


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