Art into Cash!!

Handing over the cash!
The gift bags that the 5th graders and high school students made last month were a great success at Laurie's Boutique during the holidays.  Many of her customers thought they were just the thing for their gift giving and donated money for all but three of them...earning $300 for the Stanwood Camano Food Bank.  Here Laurie and I are shown handing over the check to Jeanie Ovenell at the Food Bank.  She says they love cash as they can make a dollar go a long way! We were impressed with how well organized the food was and how many volunteers they have working to get it all done.

We enjoyed getting this project  to work...the students were fun to work with and the teachers involved were awesome as well.  We are planning to keep this going next year.  Perhaps add a few stores on either side and a couple more groups of students!!


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