Art Play Day!!!

Pear Stamps
These pear prints were made from stamps I created from several of my pencil pear drawings.  This is just one of the fun play techniques we worked with in our nine hour class...broken into two days.  Gallery By the Bay offers many art classes and this one is the best I have attended so far as it helped me learn about new acrylic mediums to use in my painting and new ways to finish off my printmaking projects.  I just finished up a gyotaku session....and by the way the new fish prints are now at Seagrass Gallery.!! I have been debating if I really want to do them anymore and then...pulled some great prints, and I'm in love with them again! Nothing like success to keep us hooked. OH..back to my class....I usually pick pears when I'm practicing because I love that shape and I have examples. These turned out so nice I intend to frame them...  three different shapes in three colors...on mat board. Today I pull out the metallic paints and use the black mat bad it is sunny out because I will be in the studio for a few hours playing again!

I'm getting an order together for Blick....and several of the new things I learned about will be on it..pouring just have to use it to believe what it can do!! WOW!

 Thank you Dianna for a great time..creative play...just what I needed.  The next time she offers Play Day Two I will rope in some buddies to come play with me..the only way to make it better in my opinion.

Go to the gallery website to learn more about the classes...I've got a link to that site....under?? LINKS


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