Back in the Studio again!!!

You don't really want to hear me sing that title...but I am happy that whatever it was that was keeping me from working is gone....yea!!  And I am singing and happy to be back playing with my paints and yarns. Good things are starting to happen again.  My work will be coming home from San Francisco in a few days and then I'll be hanging it at the Starbuck's in Stanwood.  It is really a great space with beautiful light and lots of people coming and going and just sitting....drinking coffee and looking at my art work! Cool.  Then in February it will be at the Auburn City Hall.  By then I should have several more to display.

My new rule for myself is I don't put them up for sale until I am really ready to let them go.  This may sound silly to the real business people out there, but I become very attached during the process.  I'm thinking this is one reason I have been avoiding the studio for three months..just sad over the loss of two I really didn't want to let go just don't do it.

Happy Thanksgiving...we have so much to be thankful for!!! 



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So happy to hear you are back doing what you love! Wish I could sit at Starbucks and enjoy all your beauties with you. Love, love, love.
-- Mary, 11/25/09

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