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After a few trials on matt board I decided to just go for it and start laying paint down on what is to me three huge canvases!!!  I'm loving the results.  The black yarns add a lot of interest and help the flow to go in the right might help to realize what I am thinking here.  A Spring earth geode surrounded by fertile, loamy  soil.  Lots of roots, bugs, worms....  You know..good soil.  Can you tell I've been in my garden??  Now the center will have new tender fresh leaves and ferns under glass beads..maybe some seed pods.  I think I have a piece of a robin's egg somewhere. The idea of Rebirth and Spring...and flowing gold currents of energy.

 I need to write it all up before it is done. It always helps to have it in words..the go with the visual. 


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-- Fiverr, 6/7/11

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