Bodacious Brochures!!

Studio Tour brochures
They are ready to mail!! You will be seeing them in businesses all over the county and state in just days.  Check your mailbox!!! When you have it in hand check out your favorites to see if we are all in the same places.  I will be with Russ Riddle again at location 25...same location just a different number!!

Months and many hours have gone into making this brochure as helpful as we could possible think of and easy to use and understand.  I had several very hard working committee members meeting here to go over ideas, write copy, and then edit......boy is that a job!  Our graphic designer was awesome and really made this brochure special.

Gayle, our tour director, did an awesome job in getting sponsors and in selling adds. Check out our web site for more information and watch the videoes!

See you in May!! More to come here about the artists showing on the north end with me and other fun things to do besides enjoy the art!



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