Yes, I'm a lot like my broody hen Gertrude. She's given up production and just sits on her nest and thinks.  Hens and thinking??? I'm sure all kinds of exciting ideas are zipping through her mind.  Just like me!! I've made lots of lists of new ideas for my art work...even started testing a few paperclay mini sculptures. I'm incubating..that's what I'm doing. So far these really cool ideas aren't ready to hatch.  Good ideas take time to grow into great finished projcts.  That is at least what I'm thinking about while I nestle into my Studio with my herb tea, cookies, and new Cds.  And then there is the rain, the wind, the short grey days and all those mysteries I can get on my tablet.  Unlike Gertrude I am being thoughly entertained through my broodiness!! Which means I have much less of a reason to snap out of it....she's going to win unless..... next Monday's printmaking class demands I get going again. Perhaps I need to set higher expectations of Gertrude as well??? So, 4 more days to drfit..I'm off to read and listen to the rain.





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All the beasties know how to follow the rhythms of the seasons and tis the season to hibernate, brood, and conserve our energies. So glad you are enjoying it!
-- Mary Saunders, 1/24/12

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