Build It and They Will Come!

It's true....if you build the space the clients will come!  I have just finished up the remodel on my new studio space and already have had a couple come in to discuss a commission.   I'm pretty sure they were much more impressed with the way it looks now than they would have been with the bedroom furniture and piles of junk!!  This is the first time complete strangers have shown an interest in having me do a commission.  The last four were friends and I went to them as I didn't have a studio to invite them to.  Perhaps creating the art came first....building a reputation...even if local and not grand..and being on the CAA web site where they first saw my work also helped to get them in for a consultation.  But..a professional space marks a professional!!  I'm so excited that the time, money, and effort was not wasted!

Bottom line?? I'm five..five...canvases behind!! That is just coool! The photo is the two I just started for the Smith commission which is due to be hung on their return in late April....lots of time.  Especially if they really don't want me for jury duty next month..don't they know we have an art tour coming up?...I've got lots to do and had better get out there and get my hands dirty! NOW!


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