Cairn Shadows...a new series

Balance 102
Cairns from Kalaoch...I've been posting photos for some time now so you probably guessed I really love the shapes. Actually, I love everything about them.....shape, meaning, texture, form...I can even hear the waves breaking in the background.

I love the idea of a cairn as a trailmarker for adventurers and explorers.  They are monuments/trailmarkers made by hikers, hunters ( both primative and modern). We made several while in Peru when we hit the highest elevations when moving from one area to the next.  I've seen them on tops of mountains where hikers just wanted to say "I made it!"  I love making them myself..especially with these wonderful flat stones we found on the coast.

In this new series I am using watercolor paper, acrylic paints, yarns, and acylic mediums but..watercolor techniques along with some printmaking.  They are very different than my 3" deep canvases. My focus is to use a very  loose technique in the background with just the shadows of the stones creating the images in the foreground.  I love the backgrounds!!! It was hard to paint over them. I have four almost done...this is the second one..that's why the 102.  It's all about cairn building and in life!! I love that idea as well.

This series will incorporate new techniques that I really am having a blast with, and an idea about life that I truly believe in!  More on the way!!



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these look like g-d painted over a brilliant rendition of reality.. life but brighter.. with artisssstic intervention!
-- K Dueringer, 2/8/12

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