Celebrate...Romance & Rejoice!!!

The pack up
Lots of reasons to be celebrating....so, I am.  First, Romance is headed to Texas to the home of my nephew, Marshall, and his new wife, Tessa.  I know my girl will be happy there as long as they keep the air conditioning on in the summer. Second, Rejoice is headed to Colorado to the home of a friend of mine from junior high school. Third, this is the first sale that can be directly tied to my web site and fb....now, how coo lis that?? Fourth, I finished these paintings on 11/27/11....the paint is barely dry and they are headed out the door.... a totally new experience for me. And finally, with the sale to Colorado I have met my 2011 goal!!

Many of you know that I donate 10% of my sales to good causes. This year it was Lima Sunrise Rotary Club's  clean water project. I sent them the money in August with the firm conviction I would sell enough to cover it.  And...I did.  The power of positive thinking!

The goal for 2012 is in the works.  I'm leaning more to growth as an artist verses growth in sales.


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