Constant Contact...WOW

One more thing to learn how to do so that I can be more effective in getting my art work out there and sold.  Constant Contact...if you haven't heard of it, go to the site and play around.  It is amazing!!  I've signed up with two other artists..Island'll be hearing from us on a regular basis now that we kinda know how to create event emails.

The first one I sent out even had video....I was walked thru the process but was cool. I just sent out the second announcing our holiday sale at Dolors Ruscha's art glass studio.  I use her glass in some of my paintings and on the canvas boxes I am making for the holidays.

The plan is to use the template for a newsletter and create a little update each month on what is going on in my studio.  Even if no one reads is good for me to take note of what is or is not going on in my studio.

Learning new things is always a thrill so I have had fun even though it has also been frustrating.....their support team is amazing and have been called twice now.  Computer things are not always obvious to say the least!

Check out my Events page!!


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