My girls and their water

The girls have it better in this department than the majority of humans on earth.  They get clean water that is fit for human consumtion....daily.  Many Americans are out spending millions on plastic bottled water, filling landfills, building floating plastic islands in the ocean while we have available to us some of the best drinking water in the world.

This is not the case for many countries.  This is why I have chosen a clean water project to support in Peru. The Lima Sunrise Rotary Club has been working on getting water filters to individual homes for several years now.  The filters they provide cost $22 each and they have delivered almost 2,500 of them.  I intend to donate 10%  of art sales this year to thier club for this project.  See "The Art of Giving" gallery for details as to why Peru. I'm planing on $1,000 which means I need to make a few more sales!! We will be in Lima on Sept 22 to go to one of their meetings,  exchange Rotary flags, and get more information.

I can't get a good web address that works every time. them and see what you can learn about this project!!

I will be drinking out of plastic bottles while I am there!! There is a good reason to have bottled water. We just need to be more mindful of when that is!


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