Balance 104
The fourth in my Shadow Cairn series sporting a chine colle moon and a yarn strand printed at the base of the stack.  The chine colle moon is a white Japanese paper with long fibers that is very light weight and translucent that has been attached with Nori paste and run thru the printing press...that moon had better stay on! Flick paint incorporates it into the scene. Love the salt effect on the wet acrylic paint..that's what makes all those great white star like marks. Printing techniques and watercolor techniques with acrylic paints and my abstracted rock cairns...great crossover ideas!

   I'm going to continue to work with these cairns in my intaglio printing project and on big paper with large splatters. Lots more to come in this series.  The first one on the block is Balance 103 which will be auctioned off at the Stanwood Camano Rotary Club's fundraiser on March 24th.


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