Day 3...Creating the Flow

Molding paste flow


Here is the next step....making the cheesecloth and molding paste look like it is flowing across the canvas.  Another layer of white on white on white....I have had paintings that I just loved in the white phase and hated to add color.....maybe one day I'll just leave one white...with the colored yarns they really are cool.

I use a palette knife, toothpicks, an old brush, and my fingers to get this molding paste to do these weird things.  I have two kinds of cheesecloth that really add body as well.  I like the more organic look that is achieved with the addtion of the very loose weave cheesecloth.  Putting down the paste with just the palette knife leaves sharpe ridges.  Two more big canvases to go in this step.  It's raining....really raining so I'll have time to work inthe studio while my garden is growing.


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