Eclipsed in Coupeville

Here I am with the big news from Coupeville..a sale of a big painting!! The festival in Coupeville was the best organized and most pleasant experience yet as far as set up and tear down was concerned. John was there to help me, and we had the most gorgeous weather.  I sold one big painting, Eclipsed, and one smaller one, Adrift.  This means we can buy something else at the Heifer shop, and that I need to add flying mythical creatures to the other small paintings. I've decided that I am  going to save up my %10 earnings until we can get a water buffalo!!!

 The next event is the art opening at the Artists Alley in San Francisco.  I am now listed on their web site but she doesn't have the images up yet. In the few days I have before we leave for that I need to get some printing done because Fresh Paint is the 15th and 16th..YIPES!!  This being an artist business person is work!!


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