Empty Nest

The pick up
My lovely brown wall is empty again.  For four months it has been dominated by the three big canvases.  For awhile it was a great white presence but lately I have enjoyed the goldness..the warmth they emitted.  The wall now is bare but has some nice gold drips and paint marks that only makes it more endearing.   The plan is go out there and clean it all up before the 10th when the new batch of canvas arrives and I start on a project for the Snohomish County Courthouse....no money up front on this one.  I get to submit for approval....and just hope they are loved.  BUT...they have a budget and they are going to buy art... so why not mine???

I have to have something to do for the next three weeks.  It might as well be painting!!  We'll see.  I wonder.... is it really realistic to think I can finish three in 3 weeks when I was working on the last three for four months???


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