Fall Into Art Auction

Saturday the 18th AAC had their annual auction to raise funds for public art projects in the city of Arlington.  I had a blast selling raffle tickets for a "split the pot."  The winner went home with 350 dollars!  Of course, the real winner was our treasurer who bid on "Solistice" and won at $200.  This makes her...Solistice... my highest priced print to date...way to go Jean!! My monoprint, "The Face Off", also went for $200.....since I had that valued at $175..I was very pleased. We will see at the next meeting just how much money we raised for our cause, but it was a very fun evening. I plan to do it again next year!!

The photo is not one of "Solistice" or "The Face Off"..go to gyotaku to see the fish print..the other never made it on my web site.  I do have some collographs  that no one has been much interested in so..Virginia....come have a look since you didn't get the one you bid on!! I have a very disorganized system for storing my images and can't find the fish at the moment so what you have here is a photo of an encaustic  I did  and them turned into a holiday card...great colors...caught your eye right??


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