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Felted soaps seem to be in at the moment, and I know this because?? there was an article in the newspaper with a lovely photo of some brightly colored felted soaps. I went online and watched some utube videos and decided to order some wool.  I picked he natural colors because I like the idea of soaps that look like stones(goes with my granite counter tops)....I made four a couple of days ago and started thinking...felted, fuzzy, soft looking centers "hearts" for my paintings...then the leap....why not just pressed right into the molding paste like I do yarns??? This will allow for wider areas of wool texture along with the long strands of the knubby yarns. So, off to the Studio to test it out. Finishing the surface may prove to be a problem but I'll worry about that later ...or not.

Here is the result in light molding paste with the materials rolled in with a brayer... this gives a cool look to the paste as well. I'm thinking this will be great for the making of plates for printmaking next month ...We will see in a few weeks.

New ideas are always out there just ready to be "found." It is just a matter of looking at things that interest you and then seeing how else you can apply them. I knew I liked the look of those soaps..and now I have turned that idea into  a new material for my work.

AND...making the soap was fun and sudsy!!!


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