Finding inspiration!

The colors of blue...lots of blues and blue greens...gorgeous flowers and wonderful smells...just what an artist needs to get inspired!  My trip to Maui to visit my sister was just what I needed to get those create juices flowing.  Many of my abstract paintings have that golden beach and warm tropical water look and now you know why.

 The backside of Molokini offered a look down of 150 feet to a blue I have never seen before...a snorkeling experience beyond my wildest dreams...and now I am dreaming of that color! Soon to experiment with creating it on canvas!

Also saw some awesome underwater photography and some gyotaku fish prints at Nuka that have me itching to make more of my own.  The hike in the I'oa Valley and into the crater were also inspiring. 
I think I can get into this kind of vacation...lots of exciting new laulau at the Kula Farmer's Market...and hula lessons.....another look for my Power Women????


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I loved seeing the beauty of my home through an artist eyes! To look more closely at colors and forms and be excited by them is one of Helen's gifts. Thank you!
-- Mary, 2/8/16

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