Finding the right stone..or paint

Dream Walker and Mystical both have interesting stones in their metallic flows.  In Dream Walker, I had the blue paint down and the color scheme set before finding the bornite hidden away in a small bag in the back of my treasure drawer.  It was perfect.  I have no memory of ever buying that stone but was thrilled to find it and see that it was the exact color I needed for this painting.  It really is not a mystery why I would have a gorgeous blue rock hidden away as I buy all the great blue and green ones when i see them.  Mystical has the fossilized ammonite that just glows with blue, green, pinks, and a deep rose in just the right light.  I saw it and had to have it.  It was set to go into the Mystical flow before I found the paint.  In these two I have changed my blues a bit as I thought I might be getting into a rut with that tropical looking blue took several days for me to remember that awesome interference green I had used on an earlier painting...remembering what happens when it flows over dark blue....oooh..ahhhhh...very nice. 

I can only hope that the next big painting with the huge hunk of deep green will turn out as nicely. 

Come see them in person during the Tour over the Mother's Day weekend! Location 22!


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