Floorcloths..step 4

Now that the canvas rug is primed on both sides you need to hem it or finish off the edges.  We used double backed carpet tape.  This caused us some problems even though we measured carefully....getting those corners to come together perfectly is tricky.   Then we primed the last raw hem edge and laid them out flat to "settle."  Soooo..now it is March 1st and I have 3 canvas rugs to paint!  Do I use my ususal style or try something new?  Now the fun really starts!!

We have three more to complete as I'm working on this project with my neighbor Laurie...famous for the concrete leaf making episode last Spring.

Hopefully, we will have completed some painting in a few days...after that is the varnishing and we're done!!


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Great photos of the art display outside of the art clinic -wish more of them had art to nurture the spirit!
-- Kim D, 3/7/09

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