Food Bank Project

Holiday bags at Laurie's
This is our third year of working as a team to create wonderful holiday bags that are available to Laurie's customers for a donation to the Stanwood Camano Food Bank. Laurie donates the bags, the space, and the storefront for the project.  Marianne Bloom donates her time, glue sticks and library time wtih a small group of 4th and 5th gradres at Stanwood Elementary School. I donate the paper and the lesson on color and design...John got to design and donate the cool display rack. We are team Holiday Bags!!! We are excited to be able to make them available yet again.

It is now a tradition...three times makes a tradition for me.

Be sure to shop downtown this season and drop by Laurie's Boutique to not only pick up great gifts..the hats and new jewelry are really nice..but also to get one of these one of a kind designer holiday bags..signed...and everything!!!  Start your collection now..or continue it if you have been so lucky as to have purchased a 2010 or 2011 edition!!

The food bank is my charity for this year.  10% of my sales have been going to the Stanwood Camano Food Bank.  


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