Gathering Around the Table

Around the table
When they have had their final check...price tag, felt tabs, tapped wire, polished glass,,,,or whatever... the girls are allowed to join the group in the dining room.  The studio was overflowing and I needed space to THINK as well as I started checking the finishing touches and moving the paintings that were DONE to the dining room. Here they have a chance to discuss the upcoming big event....the old hands can give the newbies a few tips.  The credit card machine has arrived and is in the center of the discussions as well as the table.  Do we really need to eat between now and then?

There are several more in different stages of being done that will be joining the group in the next couple of on the look out for them to be added to the site.   Printmaking class is moving right along, and I will have some examples done and ready to show off during the Tour.

Having a blast.......please plan on coming by and bring a gaggle of art loving friends with you!

Mother's Day weekend and the following one as well! 


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