Getting ready!!!!

sign making
Here we are making new signs so all our customers can find Dolors's glass studio during our event, 'Tis the Season, coming up at the end of the month.   John is screwing the tabs to the new sign boards. We will have signs all over the north end of the island so you can just follow the arrows and come right to the door. It has been a major undertaking as all the boards had to be cut, primed, painted.....and then put together....we did get our men to help out!!!!

Dolors will have her usual sparkling glass jewelry as well as the awesome glass sculpture she fuses.

I will have my Powerwomen, gift boxes, paintings , and printmaking.

Jeanne will have photography...framed and ready to hang!!

Mark it down..Black Friday and that whole weekend 10 until 5 plus the following weekend!


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