Good News..Bad News

Good News
They were created to go in the Snohomish County Courthouse...but....the panel didn't see it that way.  That's the down side.  The Good News is that they will be shown to the public in this month's Art Walk in downtown Stanwood.  I'm Laurie's artists month....same fun.  It may just be for the best as they are dynomite on a dark wall with the correct lighting....the court house has neither. And...this way all my friends get a chance to see them.  They are bigger than I usually do and not as deep.

The fish print I bonded with is also on display....Venus.  I have decided to hold on to my favs for awhile.  I suffer a real loss when the ones I love go before I have finished looking at them.  It's on a Thai black thin paper with great metallic flick paint......I'll have some for sale as well if they are scanned and ready by Friday.  That's this Friday..the 26th. And..there are some for sale now at SeaGrass.  Everyone needs at least one fish print...don't ya think???


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