Hanging out at the Local Coffee Shop

Some of the paintings are back from San Francisco just in time to be displayed in our local Starbucks.  They arrived on Monday and were hung on Tuesday.  I make them work..none of this just hanging round in the house.  One box is still "in transit" and the UPS store is having to run a trace.  It is, of course, the box with the three 30" by 15" paintings that I was planning to put in this space at Starbucks.  When they get here I will redo it. 

The plan is for my work to be up in this lovely spot for about 6 weeks.  They just repainted this wall a really yummy peanut butter color that really goes well with my work. This is the perfect opportunity to meet me there for a cofffee and a chat.  Give me a call!


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We just enjoyed some coffee with our two little girls. Love your work! I have an artist friend in NY who your work makes me think of. Are you going to be on the studio tour this year? We haven't gone in the past but, we might this year. I have an idea in the back of my head of a personal project I would like to do that would involve local artists.
-- Adam, 12/21/09

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