Hanging out at the Spa!

Solstice in treatment
Fourteen of my paintings have it made for the next couple of months as they will be hanging out in the very lovely Skin Care Lounge located in Stanwood, Washington. It's right across the street from Bartell's on the hill. Bella Salon and the Skin Care Lounge are partners in the space and it is a lovely space to hang paintigns....lots of soft colored walls and beautful lighting. The art work looks more like it is in a home than a retail space. You will just have to pop in and see it to believe how lovely it looks in there!

And..while you're at it... check out the services these businesses offer. I'm going for the AHA Peel myself. I 'm hoping the girls don't get any ideas and run up my bill with a lot of fufu fun treatments!  Save it for the humans ..right?


Gina when you come to visit we will have to go for a treatment together.....you're my spa girl!

Casey is my sales person there and is confident that my work will do well. I love confidence!


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