Harman Eye Clinic Art Gallery

What a great idea... an art gallery in the entrance way to the Harman Eye Clinic!  All the patients coming and going  are greeted with some bright cheerful color and some very interesting and exciting art work from the members of the Arlingon Arts Council.  Every two months Barbara Aliaga changes out the display to give a fresh new look to the hallway.

For the next two months I will have seven of my pieces in this display.  Ms. Aliaga has compiled a really cool gallery notebook which includes information about the artists as well as their art. What a wonderful way to enhance an entrance way while offering an opportunity for artists to display their work.  Thank you to the Harman Eye Clinic and  to their very creative adminstrator!!

You can see more of the art work at www.20better.com  and learn about all the Harman Eye Clinic in Arlingon, Washington



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