Haystack Happiness

Quiet Haven
Seeing the envelope from the Haystack Gallery in the mail was awesome! It was a surprise and a very pleasant one.  I had just been wondering where this painting was......gathering paintings for the Art Walk at the end of the month.....my memory is going so there are times when I just don't remember whre all the girls are. Now I really don't know where she is, but I'm hoping she has found a happy home.

This has also brought to mind that I have not shared my cause for my 10% this year.  It is going to the Stanwood Camano Food Bank. There have been some good articles in the paper lately about the need at the local food banks.  I have decided to give to a local cause since I went international last year. Now, to sell a bunch more work!  Thanks to all of my buyers out there!  New work coming soon!


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