Here's the Treasure!

Glass Quest starts this Friday the 18th and runs through the 27th!  Here are three of the treasures we will be awarding Questors who find the clue balls in the store.  We have ten of these wonderful "snowballs."  All you have to do is get a guidebook from us , Gallery By the Bay and other the rules...YES there are rules but they are simple.  Go out looking for the  green posters with a red X on the treasure in store windows and go in and search for the clueballs..Find one and you win!  The point is to acquaint visitors with the businesses in the Stanwood Camano get to learn about the area, have a fun outting and..possibly win a great gift! 

Come in to see us at Laurie's and we will explain it better!! You will also get to see my new work and that of artist Pamela Searcy.  I'm told it was a big time last year and this year has so many more businesses participating that you have even better chances of finding a clue ball...but just one per of the rules!! 


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