High School mentoring project

Helen and Guggy go to HS
Working with high school advanced placement art students to create a self portrait in cloth and paper mache is going to be fun!!!  I will keep you informed as to their progress and be posting photos of their work as it progresses!! We are hoping to have finished sculptures by December 17.....just in time for Scholastic Art competition. If you are interested in the process or what it can look like check out images of Dan Reeder's Screamers.

I took a class from him years ago...made a Screamer of my own..Guggy... and bought his book.  So now I am sharing what I have learned over the years and  his technique to help the high school AP students make some 3d work.  They usually don't get a chance to do this type of work because their AP class is so demanding and the requirements so rigid.  This is just going to be FUN!


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