How to Build a Snowman

Stanwood Elementary 5th grade
Today I taught a lesson at Stanwood Elementary School on how to build a snowman using arbitrary complementary colors!  It was indeed a kick!  I worked with Ms. Bloom in the library and what a great group of students we had!! Very well behaved and excited about being artists working to bring in money for the Stanwood Camano Food Bank.

They bought right into the idea of orange snowmen in blue hats, red and green snowmen....and even violet ones with yellow accessories!! Oh!  we also got the white on white with the Husky colors.....They were just great to work with and I would love to go back!  Having snow last week had them ready to create these imaginary snow people. 

 To see them LIVE..go to Laurie's Boutique in downtown where ..for a can own one for your gift giving this holiday season!


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