How to use what I found??

The most obvious way to use what I saw in Vietnam in my abstract pieces would be to use laser transfers of photographs I took while traveling around the country.  The first is a photo of a photo of the buddha...with me reflecting in the glass.  This would or could be very subtle if done in a laser transfer.  the other two photos are of silk worm casings.  I have the actual casing I could add into the mixed media pieces with a laser transfer as well.

The second way I plan to use what I found is to incorporate some of the gold and silver leaf I watched them make outside Ho Chi Minh City.  I am going to experiment with translucent paint over the silver leaf and then cover in a clear gel. 

The pictures of food I took are pretty cool; so, I want to do something with them..collages made from food photos?? Chocolate labels.  Did you know Vietnam produces chocolate? some labels and enjoyed the chocolate.

So far that is it, but I am still in my foggy jet lagged brain so hopefully, new ideas will come to mind as I work.


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