I just want to touch it?

Creating art work is an enjoyable process for me.  I love getting my hands into the paints, gels, paste, beads, and yarns.  The feel of it is satisfying.  Before I start a painting I run my fingers through my yarns and over the stones, beads, and glass baubles.  I walk through my garden and scope out what plants are available..ferns are always available...another plus for them!  If I'm putting my love of texture into my work from the beginning shouldn't it come through in the finished product?  My answer to that is YES!!  So, I'm very pleased when someone walks right up and says "I want to touch it? Can I touch it" What is that? How do you do that? I've never seen anything like it!" 

 Response...I love getting that response!  Really any response is better than none at all but even people who don't like abstract paintings seem to be interested in my process.  And..it is fun talking to people about what I do and trying to communicate why it is I do it.


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I love how Helen is so feminine in her work. By that I mean although she knows the technical side of her art, she creates it from a deep place inside herself, from her heart and her emotions, trusting her hands and eyes, trusting life itself. She is a wise woman artist and I love her work!
-- Mary Saunders, 5/27/10

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