Intaglio success.......

Pulling a print is like opening that special gift at Christmas...when it turns out as planned.

I should know how the print is going to turn out; however....I am usually surprised and not always in a good way. Today the printmaking goddess was looking out for me and all three prints I worked on turned out!! This one was the most exciting as I added chine colle and a la puppe elements to the design.  That is....I collaged Japanese papers between the printing paper and the ink plate....light peachy color circles. Then the puppe thingy is added colored inks after the black is carded on and taken off in some spots ....I used  cotton swabs to add in some soft blues and greens.  This is one that will be turned in for my final on the 19th.

This is so much fun!! I now know enough cool techniques to just come in to the lab and play! And that is just what I get to do for the next week and a half as my required work is done....and I love it!!


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exploration and discovery of your creative energy is the best high ... and I see it in your face. I see a studio with a press in the future!
-- Antonia, 3/28/12

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