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four minis
The 15th annual CAA Studio Tour is just next month. It's on Mother's Day weekend..Friday thru the next weekend.  Five full days to enjoy our beautiful island and see and purchase some awesome art directly from the artists in their studios.!!!

This means I have only 31 days to organize-to finish what is started- and to get started what needs to be finished!! It's a busy time in the Studio and all this rain is helping. When the sun shines it is hard to stay inside.

One of the new things you'll see this Tour is my new mini series.  These are done on 7" by 5" and 12" by 6" canvases.  I started on the 7" by 5" when I needed a place to experiment before trying a new technique on a bigger more expensive and time consuning canvas.  Most of these experiments were with underpainting techniques and colors on the golden area of my paintings.  I tried printing with feathers and tree branches and wiild and crazy shapes.  I really liked the feathers for printing and the tree branches for creating texture in the gesso before painting. You can't see this in the photo as the underpainting only shows at certain angles....I love that as well! It changes as you walk around it.

Lots more news coming up.  I have neglected my blog for months now....however, this is the time to let people know what I'm doing so they can get excited about coming up to see me in May! 

playing with underpainting

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