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swans in the Skagit Valley
Here is yet another reason that I am a firm believer that I live in paradise.  When I moved here in 1991 swans could be seen north of my home starting in November.  Now, they fly by the front of our bluff.  I saw three flying fast and west just two days before Carolyn and I set out on our ladies's day off to take photos on the flats.  The universe was in alignment as that day was absolutely spectacular.

Swans were in every field north of the Skagit River....it was incredible. They were close but on hearing the car door close they waddled away. Trying to get a good shot of them was very difficult....to catch them landing or taking off proved even harder.  They are very cute running along just before takeoff....not graceful a all.

Thursday night John and I are heading out to see a special presentaion on swans in Everett at McCollum Park.  I'm going to learn some cool stuff about them and the best places to see them.  First it was eagles....now it's swans.....I hear the Great Snowy owls are here this winter as well...now that would be a photo!! 


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