Laser transfers...yea!

Printmakers use all kinds of transfers in their work.  I was introduced to these techniques while taking a printmaking class at the college.  I just haven't use what I learned until taking the class in Coupeville last October and being reminded just how cool they can be. 
I started playing on a 12" by 9" panel using a photo I had taken several years ago while camping at Klaloch Beach on the Washington coast. We spent the day building rock cairns and taking photos of them. These have been used in the past as references for paintings and printmaking.  Now...I have two pieces going using them as a laser transfer.  You apply the laser photo print ..print down on soft gel medium and allow to dry.  Then you have to wet and rub off the paper leaving just the ink that has soaked into the gel.  This is a delicate and labor intensive job.
You might ask why don't you just collage the photo on?  The answer..if you use the transfer the white of the rock becomes clear and the background then shows through giving you transparent rock!!!  Yes, it is very cool and love it!!
 You will be seeing several of these new works during the Art Tour in May...mark your calendars1


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