Life is.....

Three Big Blank Canvases
...a blank canvas. Every morning I wake up and get to decide how I will create my day.  As I get older the pressure is increasing to make each day brilliant!!

Now I have three....3...large blank canvases to fill.  How will I do that?  What decisions will I make that will turn those beautiful white rectangles into something a person will want to just sit and stare at? I've got a plan, but only time and lots of work will tell.  Today is day 1...can I have them done by the end of May?  I'll be posting blogs with my progress....I may leave out the awkward teenage phase...there always seems to be one.....don't know just how open I can be.  We'll see!

I also have the big Studio Tour coming up so have a few pieces to finish up as well.  There is always time while "stuff" dries.



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