Living the Dream


Living the Dream....that is just what my friend and neighbor, Laurie, is doing.  She is happily retired but always wanted a dress shop. So, she has opened one in downtown Stanwood, Washington.  When she asked me to create a painting for her shop I was stoked!!

"I want unique," said Laurie.  Forget my usual ferns and organic materials... we generated a list of collage elements that said "dress shop."  It included mirrors, a zipper, button, her labels, and if you look very closely you can find an earring back as well.  She also had colors in mind....Laurie likes to color coordinate...can you imagine??? no surprise there!

I was surprised by how different it feels to create a painting that is already sold.  Talk about motivated..I had guidelines, a list of ideas, and colors to match to start.  How unusual! It was so satisfying making this painting...I knew what I wanted to create and exactly where it would hang when it was done.

July 30th Stanwood is starting up their art walks again, and John and I will be at Laurie's to welcome you in to see Living the Dream as well as several of her sisters.  I am so excited and hope to visit with lots of people that evening!! Maybe someone else out there really wants a painting done just for them!! I can dream as well!!!!


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