The lay out
Working one on one with an excited, motivated art student is some kind of fun!  This young artist wanted to learn how to make a fish print for a project he is doing for his AP n is great that Ms. Merrick knew just who to call!!  I brought the papers and some metallic paints and his job was to find the fish.  I thought he had the hard part as there are times I go to Seattle to the Pike Place Market to get a rockfish....but no..his mom found one at the local QFC.  So, we both learned something!

I was able to give him enough pointers that he pulled the first one ..and it was great!!! Fun to be able to save someone else the agony of pulling duds. The room was a little fishy smelling and I am sure the classes for the rest of the day were wondering what the heck had been going on in there.....but Austin is happy!!!  When the whole project is done I'll see if he will send me a finished photo to show of.


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