Monotype..layering on

pear monotype
My first monotype!! It is so much more difficult than I had imagined as I don't think backwards..hey, I barely think forwards anymore! is gobs of fun...and such a surprise when you pull the print and it looks cool but you had no idea it was going to look like that! My goal?  To know what it is going to look like before I pull the paper from the plate.

Mixing the inks is very up the mess afterwards is not!! They are oil based and make a very big mess.  It has been taking me twice as long to do each step than I had anticipated.  So..long hours in the lab working with the press.  I pick a time when no one else is there, and it is calm and quiet.  Working during the class was total chaos for me...made lots of oopsies!!

I've got a martini design and a chicken one in the works....also working on big paper with watercolor effects and lot of loose images!! New work coming up!!


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I love the freshness of the work and the colors you chose.. makes my spirit feel light; like Spring is right around the corner!
-- K Dueringer, 2/8/12

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