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Ode to Spring
Did you think I would not show you the finished piece??? Well, here she is in all her golden glory.  It was fun once again trying to get the colors correct.  I have even signed up for a short photography class to try and figure it out. They almost don't ft on my wall so were a bit squished but..they do fit on the wall they were designed for so that is great.  I love the feel of this painting..could gaze into it for....a long time. You will find it under Commissions, my new gallery.  I have moved all the work I have done as commssion work here.

Now..I'm moving on to the work that I will enter for the Call for Art from Snohomish County.  They have a budget and bare walls at the county courthouse.  I love the budget for art part!! I have had to order more canvas as they don't want 3" deep canvas sticking out from the walls...has to be 2" or new canvas again.  I got started right away..the day the new canvas arrived to be exact... and have been working like a crazy woman to meet the dealine.  Thus... The Spirit Sisters are already looking really cool.  These will have female forms in the molding paste, Ruscha fused glass, and many other wonders yet to be laid in...keep watching.

And send me some positive vibes that the panel with the say so will just love my Spirit Sisters!!


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