My New studio Space!!

I started out making my paintings in the guest bedroom that is attached to the garage.  It worked for years but was a real pain to get all cleaned up when guests actually arrived...which is really not that often.  Now..I have the whole space for working on and displaying my art work.  John has been a great help in pushing me to just do it!! The floor still needs to be done and the really cool skylight that he has designed along with two new doors with windows to match the other new windows. It will be light and sunny looking even on the rainy days.  That deep yellow on the walls helps to sunny it up!! My sister visted early this month and on the day she left we started moving out the bedroom furniture.  Those of you who have stayed with us will appreciate the change more than the people who have never seen how much "stuff" I had packed into that space.  It's a miracle!!  Thank you Johnny!


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What a transformation from the guest house to your new studio. It looks lovely, and I bet you are very pleased with how it is turning out!!
-- Gina Marr, 9/25/10

It is wonderful! Now you are an artista with a real studio...a huge step! It will be interesting to see how the space affects your work.
-- Mary, 9/25/10

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