Naming a Painting

My process for naming my paintings continues to grow and be refined.  In the beginning I put the art work up and John and I sipped on a glass of wine while I talked about what I was thinking, my intention, and the feelings that painting evoked in me.  Then we started a list of words that might work....we continued...drinking and talking until the "right" word struck me as "the one." There have been times I had a name in mind and created the painting to fit the name.  I have found it more rewarding to create the feel I want and then find the name. 

Radiance was created to soothe my feelings of loss over two paintings I sold that I really would still like to have. I have found that it takes some time to let go of my paintings and if I don't take that time I suffer. I used Gratitude's design, colors, and feeling to create Radiance, and I feel I got closer to what I was wanting with this one. So, I am grateful that I sold Gratitude because it forced me to make a replacement that I love even more!

Radiance..glowing, brilliant..diffusing splendor, glory, and expressive of joy, pleasure, love, confidence, and happiness. Using my 15 pound dictionary is also a part of the process.

The names I place on my paintings are important to me.  I have even had to go back and rename a few because the names weren't "right."...perhaps the wine???  Currently, I have been working on the naming by myself in the early vino!!!


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