Need an Art Biz coach??

You might wonder why I have a photo of crows and a moon on a blog about my art coach.  It would be a good question..think about it.  I have been working on Alyson Stanfield's book I'd Rather be in the Studio and am really enjoying it!  Hard to believe?  Well, I have several projects that she suggests already inventory list on a spreadsheet is a biggie.  Had to get my computer buddy to help but I got it done. I've got my file set up for my artists statement and continue to work on that.  She's got some very good..sensible advice in an easy to read format.  Buy the'll be glad you did!!  Mine has markers sticking out all over and is already looking used!!! And..if you buy it through my link I'd appreciate it!!  Her newsletter is also great, and I have benefited from it already.



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