New Foundations!!

Handbuilt canvases to my specifications....goes along with getting my own studio.  I thought it was time to devote some time and energy into making my art just what I want it to be ..where I call the shots from the space where it is created to the very foundation on which it is painted. Now I have smaller canvases in the sizes that I like to paint.  No longer do I have to relie on what Mac Pherson wants to build in Viet Nam....I have a local source and these canvases are wowsie!!!  The wood is beefier..they are a bit heavier, the corners are better, and the canvas thicker.  I love them!!!

 There are eight of them to get me started and all are long and lean...4 in a 1 to 2 format and  4 where I added an extra 2" to the length..just for fun! I will get started on one next week..the studio is in a mess at the floor goes in on Thursday!

Look under my links page for info on how to contact Graydon the canvas maker!!


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